2021 has been a tough year for travellers and the travel industry alike.  With the seemingly constantly changing complex traffic light system and the additional costs of covid testing, it was no big surprise that fewer ventured abroad and the UK staycation industry boomed.  We are hoping, Omicron permitting, that next year will be a great year for travel. 

Let’s make up for lost time, celebrate, visit the places we’ve been dreaming of, catch up with family overseas or splurge on a “once in a lifetime” holiday.

Bookings across the internet have started to highlight some trends for next year. Do any of these travel trends match your travel plans?

Longer holidays means you have more time to unwind and immerse yourself in a destination

Longer holidays

Many travellers have saved up their holiday allocation at work and are now opting to travel for longer periods rather than days or a week at a time, this makes travelling further afield more accessible than it had been previously.   Popular destinations include Jamaica, Antigua and perennial favourite Mexico.  

Making up for trips you may have been unable to take during the pandemic and holidaying for longer means you can unwind and immerse yourself in a destination, taking in the culture and atmosphere. 

Also opting for one larger trip in the year over multiple shorter breaks could result in a reduced additional cost for covid testing that may be required for travel.

Active holidays and adventures are popular in 2022 – Exploring a cenote on Mexico Yucatan

Active adventures

While we were all cooped up at home, doing our part to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19, it meant that active pursuits were but a dream.  Now many holidaymakers booking travel for 2022 are choosing more active escapes over sedentary weeks on the beach.  The travel industry has seen a rise in cycling, walking, scuba, surfing, safari and active adventures.

Dream destinations a big trend for 2022 – The overwater bungalows in the Maldives

Dream destinations

Whether it’s escapism, saved up holiday allocation, or more “seize the day” attitude, the travel industry has seen a rise in luxury hotel bookings, prestige spa breaks and detox retreats and dream destination travel. Quality over quantity seems to be the trend, with many travellers opting for one, luxury holiday rather than multiple shorter breaks over the year.

Travelling for digital disconnection is proving to be a big trend in 2022

Disconnection travel

In the wake of the “working from home revolution” and the digital burnout of continuous online meetings and zoom calls, many travellers are choosing to take time out from their devices and switch off for their holidays. Bookings for more remote and less-connected destinations has risen, with the Galapagos Islands and Costa Rica proving popular.

Making memories and celebrating life’s big events

Big birthday trips & making memories

Celebrating during a year of lockdowns and restrictions was limiting, and the importance of making memories with those you love became more important than ever. A trend in travel is seeing many people booking holidays to celebrate life’s big birthdays,  milestones and events, also those who may have celebrated during lockdown are wanting to celebrate bigger now they can.  

The USA a popular destination for travel in 2022


After the harsh restrictions for international arrivals to the USA with their 18- month travel ban, it’s no surprise that people are excited to start visiting again.  Along with all the big iconic destinations seeing record bookings, people are also exploring parts of the USA that are not the usual location for getaways.

Digital nomad working for anywhere there’s a connection

Nomadic working

Many people now have the ability to work remotely that we weren’t seeing as much before the pandemic, with this, many are opting to travel while working.  Many remote workers cite that travelling acts as a source of inspiration and motivation, so finding comfortable and well-connected places to stay has been an important factor for many booking accommodation abroad.

Be prepared for travel in 2022

Be Prepared

However, wherever and for whatever reason you are travelling in the coming year, research on travel requirements and preparation are more important than ever. When you book your holiday, ensure you check for updates on requirements for entering the destination country (and arriving back in the UK). Make sure you have the relevant tests, paperwork, travel insurance and masks at the ready. With a “new normal” setting in across the world, there may be a few more hoops to jump through to travel, but let’s make 2022 a great year for adventures!

For the latest UK government travel advice click here.

Travel FX wish you all the best for safe travels and a prosperous year in 2022

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