Christmas time is usually one of the busiest times of year for overseas money transfers, as people rush to send gifts abroad. Every Christmas, millions of pounds are transferred to family members around the globe. According to the World Bank, around 40% of the international money transfers sent during December are declared as gifts.

If you’re planning on sending money to family or loved ones abroad, here are a few reasons sending them money via an online foreign exchange specialist like Travel FX is a great idea:

You know how much you are spending.

When sending a physical gift, you not only have the cost of the gift but add to this the wrapping, safe packaging and then consider postage fees calculated on weight, size, destination and speed of delivery, the additional costs stack up and often costs nearly as much as the gift itself! Sending an international money transfer means you know instantly the total cost of how much you are spending. At a time like Christmas when our general expenditure usually goes through the roof, saving money where you really helps.  

When sending money online via Travel FX to family and loved ones that live in a foreign country, you know that every penny you are spending on your gift will arrive in the recipient’s bank account and won’t get lost along the way.  

Avoid postal nightmares.

Sending physical gifts abroad is notorious for being risky or problematic. With the additional complications created by the global pandemic and Brexit, many are looking for different options for gift giving this Christmas. Relying on a smooth transition from the UK and foreign postal service, especially around the holiday season can be nerve-wracking. It’s not uncommon for people who have sent gifts abroad to have a horror story about a missing or damaged parcel.

Sending money as a gift removes the worry about postal problems, there’s no chance of your gift getting damaged, and it doesn’t have to travel through hands, warehouses, or borders. 

Most international payments with Travel FX will typically take 1-2days to arrive in the recipient’s bank account.

It’s the right gift for just about anyone.

Finding the right Christmas present for someone can be challenging at the best of times and with many families unable to see their relatives around the world for considerable amounts of time, knowing what to get them can be even more perplexing.

Pretty much everyone enjoys receiving money as a gift. You’re giving your family or loved ones the ability to choose to go out and buy their own gift or treat or put it towards their living expenses. You know by sending money abroad as a present this Christmas, you’ll have got them a gift they can put to use.

It’s simple!

No crowds, no queues, no planning around weather conditions and no heavy shopping bags.  You don’t even need to leave your home!  You can make an international money transfer with Travel FX from your computer or your mobile device.

How to send money as a Christmas present

With no transfer fees when you send money online, Travel FX International Money Transfers could be just the answer if you are looking to send money to family or friends this Christmas. To find out more or to send money overseas visit our site.


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