We love speaking to our customers and finding out about their experiences using TravelFX for international money transfer. It really helps us to ensure everyone is getting the very best service. We are really grateful to Aanya for allowing us to share her story with you.

Aanya is a doctor who trained in the UK and is now working at a hospital in London. Aanya’s family live in a small village just outside the Rajasthan city of Udaipur in India.

Aanya’s father died a few years ago, so Aanya helps to take care of her mother financially.

She said: “I don’t get back to India very often with the long shifts and it is hard to take holiday as I am still a junior doctor in the NHS. My mother will not move to the UK as she wants to be with our wider family and friends in Udaipur. She is old and set in her ways. It is what she knows and I understand that. Our home village is very small and she wouldn’t take well to the change of living in a big city. I send money back to India every month to help my mum financially.

“Being able to support my mum with regular money transfers back to India is a real comfort for me. I know she is taken care of and won’t have to worry about money. A friend of mine recommended Travel FX as a trusted way to be able to transfer money internationally at good rates and without charges. I have been using the Travel FX system for around three months now and I have been really pleased with how simple the process is and quality of the service. I was quite nervous about transferring money to India. When I was looking for a service, I wasn’t sure which one to trust, so having the recommendation from my friend was reassuring.

“The process is so simple. I can do it all online in just a couple of minutes and my mum gets her money the next day,” she added.

How does it work?

Firstly, you select the currency you want to transfer. If Aanya wanted to send 20,000.00 Indian rupees to her mother, then we would tell her how much she would need to transfer. We will then ask you to fill in your personal details. This information is never shared, but the financial authorities require us to collect the information to comply with financial regulations. You can make the payment to us via bank transfer and we will forward it on to the person you want to receive the money. It is as simple as that.

All you have to do is keep an eye on your email inbox or check the status of your transfer in your clent area and we will keep you informed on the progress of your transfer and when your friend, colleague or family member has received the money.


Make an international transfer with Travel FX use our simple and reliable service, with great rates and excellent service.  TravelFX is generally faster and cheaper than using a traditional bank or currency broker. There are no hidden charges and we will guarantee excellent exchange rates for you. We don’t have big offices to fund or dealers we need to pay commissions, so we can pass on excellent rates to our customers.


The TravelFX system is fast, slick and reliable. It is all done online using an industry-leading technology. This protects your money and guarantees it arrives with your recipient every single time.




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