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Select the amount of Australian Dollars you would like to transfer

You can start with the amount you’d like to send, or how much in Australian Dollars you’d like your recipient to get.

If your recipient needs to receive an exact amount of Australian Dollars, type that amount into the Recipient gets field. We’ll automatically tell you how much you need to send.

Fill in your details on the international payment form

Complete our quick and easy form with your details and the details of where you want the Australian Dollars sent to.
We need your personal information to comply with financial regulations, but we’ll never share it.

Transfer the funds

You can make payment to us via bank transfer.

Payment of Australian Dollars and confirmation

Keep an eye on your inbox for updates regarding the progress of your transfer and confirmation that your recipient has received their Australian Dollars.

frequently asked questions

Common questions

The minimum order is £50.00 worth of Australian Dollars.

We apply no maximum order value – However the largest amount online is £100,000.00 for larger amounts please call 0207 183 7925 and you will talk to a specialist currency broker to help you with tailored premium exchange rates.

The Australian Dollar exchange rate you see is the rate you get, we don't add on any extra fees.

We aim to make payments with 1 business day of receiving your funds wherever possible. We use various payment methods with the aim of your beneficiary receiving their funds in the quickest time possible, unlike the banks where this can take several days.


Via your banks online banking and a faster payment transfer.

Remember you should pay through the “pay a person “option. (Pay a company is for PLC’s, the banks do not maintain a list of Limited companies). If you have used us before it is ok to use your previous order number as a reference if you cannot change it.


Your payment must reach us as cleared funds within one business day of placing your order for us to secure the rate on your order. No payments can be made until we receive cleared funds.

Don’t worry we will try to honour your rate. However, sometimes the FX market moves and we need to change the rate for clients that pay late as we would be allowing clients to speculate on currency movements.

If you want to Speculate on FX markets, please visit and they can help you. (there are many other firms that also offer FX Trading if you want to compare currency brokers).


You will receive an email from us confirming we have received your funds. You will also receive a further email to confirm that we have made your payment to the beneficiary.

We access wholesale rates to sell currency and we pass these best Australian Dollar exchange rates to you. We also update our exchange rates every fifteen minutes to ensure we are offering the best rates we can. Unlike selling currency to high street banks and brokers who generally set their rate in the morning and do not move it throughout the day; with us, if there is a major exchange rate movement during the day we will help you to benefit from it.

Orders once placed cannot be cancelled. If under exceptional circumstances you contact us and we agree to terminate your order you will be required to pay a £25.00 cancellation fee plus the costs of reversing the foreign exchange transaction. You will agree to this in our Terms and Conditions when placing your order.


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